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About Us

Resources to inspire, to fill a need, to fan the flame of faith.

At the Congregational Federation we recognise the importance of resources that can support churches in their Ministry and Mission. There are times when we all need to be pointed in the right direction for something to bring a moment of clarity to our church services, projects and outreach. 

With our website - The Resource Hub - we hope to bring together a rich diversity of resources to equip your faith journey. Resources written by ourselves, and resources found on a multitude of other sites. Some will be specifically Congregational, but most are gathered from the wider Christian community.

There will be resources for every month of the year, encompassing all the major festivals. There will be a section to help us be the church, including thinking about what makes us unique as Congregationalists. We will also look to provide ways to help your church reach out into its local - and the global - community.

We will seek to provide quality resources that will enhance and enrich your church life.

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