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Websites, Social Media & Technology

One of the fastest changing areas of life is that of technology. More and more churches are waking up to this fact and are beginning to utilise the internet, websites and social media to their benefit. We have brought together a whole host of resources to help you negotiate this winding path of baffling technology.

16 Powerful Social Media Strategies For Churches - When considering the use of technology in the life of your church one of the first things you should think of doing is drawing up an appropriate strategy. Dodd Caldwell at Moon Clerk has written a very informative blog on this subject.

A complete guide to starting out with church social media - A very similar blog from ChurchTrain who equip UK Churches and Volunteers to communicate effectively. This blog looks at why your church should use social media, choosing your platform, setting up your profile, post frequency, maintenance and consistency and engaging/responding.

6 Social Media Tips for Your Church - The folks at Church Juice produce technology advice and help for churches on a very regular basis. You should think about signing up for one of their eNewletters so you can keep up the support they dispense. They are based in the United States but there content translates well into our own faith settings. Again, this is a very useful article on helping you utilise your social media better.

Live Streaming Your Church Service - The helpful people at ChurchEdit have created a handy guide to Using Live Video to Broadcast Your Church Events.

Think Jessica | The charity committed to protecting elderly and vulnerable people from fraud - People who are on mailing lists, and categorised as being internet-less, have now become the preferred targets of postal and telephone fraudsters. These people are, primarily, the elderly, and those who live alone or are vulnerable in some way. Think Jessica produces booklets, leaflets and other material. These are aimed at informing those who are unable to research online, to help them understand the different types of scams, and the tricks scammers use. The materials are also designed to give them the confidence to know how to make a report, and, especially, where to go to find help. | Elder Fraud - This is an American version of the Think Jessica site. We cannot stress enough the need for people to be vigilant against fraud and scams. Criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated in the way they construct elaborate cons. Please do take as much advice and as much care as possible when online and do not become the next victim.

Indigitous - Using talents for God in the digital space - Indigitous is a global community engaging with ideas and each other to advance God’s Kingdom through innovation. 

"Indigitous people make stuff for their context. This is a great platform to come and get tools to try out. We hope they help you make an impact on those you are connected to. Please give feedback on usability and suggest modifications in the forum. Meet the product’s creators in the community and maybe find a project you can join. That’s not just ingenious, that’s Indigitous!"

Definitely worth a look for any techies out there.

4 Basic Things Every Church Website Needs - This resource is just one of a number brilliant articles on the excellent ShareFaith Website. How To Design A Website That Will Impress Your Church, 10 Tips To Make Your Church Website SEO Friendly, 5 Reasons Why You Need a New Church Website For Christmas are others, but there's plenty to help you in your technological quest for your church.

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