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CF Church Booklets

Over the last couple of years we have prepared booklets that we think will be of particular benefit to Congregational Federation Churches. Take a look at this small selection.

Are there other topics and subjects that you think would benefit our churches? Let us know your suggestions. Use our Contact Page to get in touch. 

Crisis for the Minister - Guidance for those situations where a critical situation affects either the minister or the family of the minister of a Congregational Church.

How can I be sure - Discerning God's call to Ministry in the Congregational Federation

Ministry to yourself - Guidance to those in Ministry. A brilliant, easy to use booklet for self care.

Non-serving Ministers in our Churches - Guidance for Congregational Churches – and for Non-Serving Ministers in Congregational Churches

Preparing for a vacancy - Guidance for those situations where a minister or pastor of a Congregational Church is preparing to retire or move on.

Preparing for retirement - Guidance for Ministers and Pastors of Congregational Churches.

As well as being able to download from this page, all these booklets are avaible to order from Nottingham. Contact Maddy Varley.

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