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Bible Study

There are plenty of resources around that help churches explore different topics and subjects, like Abundant Life, The Alpha Course and much more. We hope to highlight some of these resources here. If your Church has used a particular resource and found it helpful why not let us know via our Contact Page

Abundant Life - Since January 2017, the Congregational Federation has been involved in an important project with member churches of the Council for World Misson in the Caribbean and Europe regions, to reflect on and help to tackle the critical challenges of economic, social and ecological injustice. It is important that churches play a key role in tackling these challenges, so every human being can flourish with ‘life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10).

The project is under the heading of a colloquium called New International Financial and Economic Architecture (NIFEA).
“We believe that inequality is itself a challenge to kingdom values and desire a structure that requires all the wealthy to be contributing to the good of the whole of society. We must desire an ‘Economy of Life’ that desires life in all its fullness for all God’s creation.”

The Abundant Life booklet is a key way that you and your churches can get involved in making changes in your church and community life, so all can live well. The Kingston Declaration

Transforming Poverty: a Bible Study from Church Action on Poverty - Six sessions for churches and house groups: use the film 'I, Daniel Blake' to engage with God’s heart for poverty in your community. Transforming Poverty is a course by Revd Gayle Greenway, a curate in the Diocese of Lichfield.
In six sessions, the course will bring church or house group members together to talk, think and pray about the struggles that local people, maybe including yourselves, have today or have had in the past because of having little money. Alongside this, it will help you look at how the Bible and your faith in Jesus guide you to respond to these issues. Download for free.

Dangerous Stories: a Bible Study from Church Action on Poverty - The Bible shows us again and again that God is on the side of the poor and the oppressed. People on the margins. These five Bible studies will challenge you to get alongside the people who are on the margins of our own society – and to speak out for justice.  They will show you how the parables are subversive, dangerous stories. Download for free.

Immerse: A new kind of BibleImmerse: The Reading Bible is a six-volume Bible created with one goal in mind: to provide the best reading experience possible. The text is laid out in a beautiful single-column setting with chapter and verse numbers, section headings, and footnotes removed, and with the content of each book displayed according to its literary genre.

This unique reading Bible will serve as the basis for your journey through the Scriptures. You and your community will use it to read through large portions of the Bible — the New Testament or the Torah, for example — in eight weeks.

Bible Academy - Bible Academy is ideal for individuals who have a good initial grasp of the Bible and Christianity, and want to take their personal studies and understanding further. Bible Academy is made up of twelve courses that cover the key points of how the Bible is constructed and how to interpret it in today's world.

There is also a chronological survey of both the Old and New Testaments which help highlight the central theme of Scripture - God's redemptive plan of salvation through Christ .

You will also learn some of the major doctrinal beliefs of Christianity and how these have been shaped and lived out through the history of the church. Find out more ...

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