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Older People

There are many​ organisation that exist to help individuals and churches with ideas for outreach to older people. We have pulled a few together here - if you have others please let us know - Contact Page

Anna Chaplaincy for Older People: Resourcing the spiritual journey of older people - Anna Chaplaincy aims to equip churches to support older people wherever they may be – in residential care, congregations, in their own homes and in the community. At the heart of Anna Chaplaincy is a growing network of Anna Chaplains.

The website has plenty of resources with reflections, ideas & stories and worship material. 

The Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF) is the home of Anna Chaplaincy; it supports, resources and enables its work. BRF is passionate about making a difference through the Christian faith. For more information on the work of BRF, visit their website.

Messy Vintage - Messy Vintage is a way into worship for older people, regardless of their background or faith journey. It has come out of the worldwide Messy Church movement, which is a fun and creative way of ‘being church’ for families from all kinds of backgrounds.
Messy Vintage creates a gentle, sociable and enjoyable way into worship for people in later life, reflecting the Messy Church approach and values:

  • Christ-centred

  • based on creativity, hospitality and celebration

  • it is inclusive and, where possible, inter-generational

The website has a downloadable leaflet with tips on how to set up and run Messy Vintage. There are also links to ‘Make a Meal of it’, with four suggested Bible based session topics that could be used to link Vintage and Make a meal.

Faith in Older People - Faith in Older People was founded in 2007 by Rev Malcolm Goldsmith.  He recognised that many older people were becoming more isolated from the activities in which they had been involved and the friendships they had formed.  In his own congregation, he had put in place someone to support the needs of these older people and believed that it was important to share the learning and potential with others. On their website they have a comprehensive resources section which is definitely worth a look. Topics include ageing, church & dementia, compassion care, loneliness & isolation, religion & belief, spirituality and worship.

Christians on Ageing - This organisation works throughout the United Kingdom operating as an ecumenical, Christian organisation. It publishes resources for individuals and local ministries, arranges conferences and events,
promotes research and innovation and comments on current issues affecting older people. As well as publishing their own magazine they have conducted studies and initiated reports, and have some prayers and reflections too.

Faith in Later Life - This website is a joint venture between London City Mission, the Salvation Army, Pilgrims Friend Society, Keychange Charity and Mission Care. Their mission is to inspire and equip Christians and churches to reach, serve and empower older people in every community, so that they may live fulfilled and fruitful lives in older age. They have an extensive resource section on subjects including Living with Dementia, Bible Insights, Church and Worship, Death and Dying and much more, and they vary in format from Articles/Reading to Research/Report, from Ideas for Ministry to Activities and Programmes.

Pilgrims' Friends Society | Church resources for older people - As a charity, one of PFS's key aims is to equip the church with resources for older people. Many church or church group leaders would love to support older people in their faith but don't know where to start.
They have a selection of resources which can be used in small groups settings or one-to-one. This includes a brand new edition of Brain and Soul Boosting - a series of sessions designed to support older people to build relationships and retain cognition.
They also have devotional resources and resources designed to help change attitudes to older age ('elderly' is not a term we like to use!) and promote a church culture where those in later life are celebrated and supported.
Whether you are a church leader, an older person's worker or a church member, they hope that you will find something to support you in your ministry.

Embracing Age - Embracing Age is a Christian charity founded in 2014, working towards a world where older people are valued, connected and full of hope, and they do this by combatting loneliness, mobilising volunteers, equipping churches and speaking out.
They have a full page of resources for Ministry amongst Seniors, most intriguinbg of which is The Omega Course! You've heard of The Alpha Course, now engage with The Omega Course!

Churches Together in England | Older people - Ways that churches can work together to reach and bless older people.

Worshiping in Care Homes - This PowerPoint File has some great practical pointers for establishing (or maintaining) a worship service in a Care Home or Sheltered Accommodation Site. We also include this file a PDF Download if that easier for you to access.

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