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Audio/Video Resources

We are creating a new section for our website, bringing together audio/video resources that may help a church for a worship service.

Over coming months we hope to curate various sermons, talks, Bible studies and other resources for those occasions when it is difficult to source a speaker.

All these resources will be free of copyright and brought together for our Congregational Federation Church's to use.

We have now upload our first videos to our YouTube Channel for this project - click the link in the image on the right.

Our current playlist looks like this, and these files can be viewed on YouTube or downloaded from our Google Drive File (for this click the link below and then click the download button):

Look out for more sermons coming soon.

We also have weekly online resources to share from around the country, including:

WebKirk - from Congregational Federation in Scotland

West End Congregational Church, Ebbw Vale, Wales

The Vineyard Life Church

The Old Meeting House Norwich

Click the images on the right to visit their YouTube Channels. Look out for more coming soon.

Check out these YouTube Channels

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