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Church Magazine

There are many ways that a church can communicate with its members and its local community - and we have a section dedicated to websites, social media & technology. Many churches still persevere with weekly bulletins and monthly church magazines which is a great way to get your message across. We've found some great resources which might help you in this important outreach.

Does your church publish it's magazine on the internet? If so, send us a link. - Contact Page

As with any use of other peoples work please do check you have got the proper permission to use, publish or reproduce material in your work. Don't forget to credit the source of the content where appropriate.

Church Support Hub - The Church Support Hub is a ministry of the Church of England and provides articles for churches to reproduce in their magazines ... many of which are suitable for use in any church setting. The Church Support Hub provides information and practical resources to support ministry and mission through the Church of England's occasional offices, and to help encourage, discern and nurture vocation. Some great resources about vital parts of church life - weddings, baptisms and funerals - to which we've been given permission to share.

Issuu: Digital Publishing Platform - Want to publish your Church Magazine online to reach a larger audience? Or to save on printing costs? Issuu gives anyone with digitally bound content the ability to upload and distribute their publications worldwide. In just minutes. And as often as they’d like. The basic plan is free to use and an innovative way for churches to get their message broadcast.​

What Goes in a Church Newsletter? - A good article from the ShareFaith website. If you starting up or re-launching your church magazine this gives some excellent pointers. It's a top ten tips list.

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