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Special Services

There are many services in the life of the church that can be deemed 'special'. Ordination, Induction, Covenant, to name just three. We hope to provide resources for churches to use that will match the grandeur of these occasions. If you have attended a service and been moved by a hymn or prayer why not share it with us. Use our Contact Page to get in touch. 

Patterns for Worship - This resource was written by Richard Cleaves and the late Michael Durber in 1992. It is a weighty tome - over 200 pages in length - but it is rich in resources for the church to use. It is a great starting point for creating many different types of special services, as well as what we would call ordinary services! There are templates for Worship, Baptism for Infants, Baptism for Adults, The Lord's Supper, Church Membership, Church Meeting, Commissioning of those called to serve, Ordination and Induction, Christian Marriage, Thanksgiving for the birth of a child, a Funeral Service and even a Four Year Lectionary. We will post this resource on other relevant pages too.

Covenant Service - Covenant Services are becoming more popular in Congregational Church settings. There is a great tradition in The Methodist Church to hold an annual covenant service in each local church, often at the beginning of a New Year. This is a short PDF of an element that could be used in a Covenant Service.

Covenant Service - More details about The Methodist tradition. There is advice that, "The service is a gift not a demand! And God will give you the grace to do it all. You are not alone!"

Ordination Service - an order of service for an Ordination.

Induction Service - an order of service for an Induction.

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