Looking after your People

The resources listed on this page are not intended to be a comprehensive listing, so if you think we are missing any interesting resources please let us know via our Contact Page

New Kapporet - New Kapporet is a listening and prayer ministry run by lay Christian volunteers.  In the Old Testament, the golden cover of the Ark of the Covenant was called Kapporet, the 'Seat of Mercy'. It was a holy space in the Holy of Holies, where God would listen to His people.  

Now, New Kapporet offers a new space, a space for the 21st century, where all people are invited to approach God, in the person of His son, Jesus Christ, to tell him of their hopes and fears, their pain and suffering, and to ask for his help.

New Kapporet run the Christian Helpine. They have a Signposting List that helps people find different support services. Take a look.