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Mission and Evangelism

Mission and Evangelism sit at the heart of church life, in our Congregational tradition next to our expression of The Word and The Sacrament. Mission comes from the Latin word meaning ‘sending out’, while Evangelism derives from the Greek for ‘Good News’. 

A Gospel Mission from a Gospel God - a good introductory article on the concepts of Mission and Evangelism by Glen Scrivener, who is an evangelist with Speak Life and the Lead Mentor for Union Eastbourne.

Good News outreach newspaper - Good News is a contemporary evangelistic newspaper used by churches and missions across the UK to take the good news about Jesus Christ into their community.

Every month, Good News features testimonies of how God is changing the lives of those who put their trust in Jesus. Using jargon-free language, it also explains how everyone can find a personal relationship with Jesus.

Rob McEwen, an evangelist working in Hemel Hempstead says: "The Good News newspaper is, in my experience, the finest piece of outreach literature I have come across in over 30 years of being an evangelical Christian."

It costs just 20p plus p&p and is available in packs of 25. For a free sample, more information and how to order, see the website or tel: 0300 102 7206. Good News is a registered charity and member of the Evangelical Alliance.

Jesus Unmasked evangelistic booklet - Is the Jesus story the greatest fake news in history or was Jesus really God? 
That's the question that Jesus Unmasked: Fact-Checking the World's Greatest Influencer answers for today's generation – after a 2022 survey found that one in three non-Christians want to know more about Jesus.
Presenting the facts to counter the misinformation and misunderstandings, this 16 page A5 colour booklet, illustrated throughout, is an ideal gift for anyone curious about Jesus, misinformed about the evidence for his existence and life, or seeking answers. It ends with a challenge for the reader to discover a relationship with Jesus.


The author is Andrew Halloway – editor of Good News newspaper and Refresh magazine – and the first print run sold out within six months!

Jesus Unmasked costs £1 plus £1.25 p&p, or 80p each when buying a pack of 5. See website for more information and how to order, or tel: 0300 102 7206.

Resources for mission and evangelism - The Diocese of Bristol has a page of resources to help evangelise and spread the Good News of Jesus. Take a look.

Great Commision - This is the Evangelical Alliance's evangelism and mission hub for stories that inspire and resources that equip us all to share Jesus. A wealth of great resources.

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