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Eco Church

Eco Church is an initiative that encourages churches to integrate environmental care into their faith and practices. It helps congregations evaluate and improve their environmental impact across various aspects of church life, such as worship, buildings, land, community engagement, and lifestyle. The aim is to inspire and support churches to become more environmentally friendly and to reflect their commitment to caring for God's creation.

Eco Church: A Rocha UK’s award scheme for churches in England and Wales 
Complete the free online survey for your church and earn points based on how you care for God’s earth. When you earn enough points you will receive a bronze, silver or gold award. We’ve got loads of resources to help you and your church express your care for God’s world. The survey takes you through five key areas of church life:

  • Worship and teaching

  • Buildings

  • Land

  • Community and global engagement

  • Lifestyle

A number of Congregational Churches have won an Eco Church Award. Find out more through this link.

Arthur Rank Centre: We resource, train and advocate for rural Christians, rural churches and the communities they serve

The Arthur Rank Centre has always held ethical and ecological well-being at the heart of its vision to encourage and engage rural Christians in effective mission and ministry. In fact, Eco-Congregation (now Eco Church and run by A Rocha) moved to the ARC to be developed as an initiative to raise community awareness of environmental issues through action by local churches.

On their website you'll find a wealth of resources for eco church and rural church life.

Earth Day Resource: Beyond Consumerism

The Arthur Rank Centre are delighted to publish a new resource, focused on Earth Day on April 22nd this year. Part of the Beyond Consumerism focus, it explores how our care for creation is essential with the many challenges including the climate crisis. It contains a helpful outline and history of the day, insightful thoughts and reflections, together with service, prayer and worship music suggestions.
Download this helpful PDF.

Decarbonising and the future of heat: a guide produced by the Church of England which many of our churches may find useful if they are debating the future of heating systems in their buildings. A PDF resource.

The practical path to net zero carbon for churches: Another guide produced by the Church of England. The recommendations in a short two-page guidance note aim to summarise how churches can reduce their energy use and associated carbon emissions. They are based on the findings of their church energy audit programme and input from of a range of professionals in the field. It offers a 'practical path' to net zero carbon, setting out where most churches should start, and more advanced projects for churches who use more energy. 

Manchester Eco Diocese Resources: Theology of Ecology 

This is a very interesting PDF which gives a short introduction to the spiritual justification for ecological action. Not too long to download and insert into your Church Magazine.

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